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About Drive Alert

Drive Alert Our Mission at Drive Alert Training Academy, LLC, is to be the most comprehensive and state of the art drivers training Academy. Drive Alert offers a variety of driver training solutions that promote safe and responsible driving. We've carefully developed a drivers education course not only for the novice drivers, but also for those with years of experience, and those just needing a refresher course to rebuild confidence.

Drive Alert Training Academy, LLC employs experienced driver instructors from, law enforcement, military, fire services, emergency medical services, the department of education and retired South Carolina DMV examiners.

Why Drive Alert?

Unlike our competition, Drive Alert uses true-to-life driving simulators in the course curriculum that develops perceptual/cognitive skills, scanning techniques, mirror usage, decision making skills in crash avoidance situations involving; (speed, varying road surface conditions, and alcohol). Students will also be exposed to crash avoidance simulation scenarios while utilizing DUI googles. This demonstration will display the effects that alcohol has on the stopping distance in driving situations.

true-to-life driving simulators

The simulators has a designed blind spot system that requires drivers to turn their head in order to make the proper decisions based on the aforementioned traffic conditions. The repetition of utilizing the rearview and side mirrors to scan for objects, promotes proper scanning techniques resulting in the development of positive safe driving habits for life. Each student will learn how to drive the way that pilots learn how to fly, with the use of simulation training.

Drive Alert's curriculum not only supports the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA), it is also nationally recognized by traffic safety experts, and is by far the most comprehensive curriculum on the market today.

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